A place to view Christian video’s. So far these Channels have been created…

  • Evangelistic : Videos that have a Gospel message or a testimony and can be used to challenge the unsaved.
  • Way of the Master : Videos created by – an evangelism resource and training site helping Christians share their faith effectively and biblically.
  • Song’s : Psalms, Hymns and spiritual song in video format.
  • Other : Any Christian video that does not fall under the above categories or have not been given a category.

If you would like to let us know about a video that fits one of these areas Contact Us


Images anyone that will bless your day as you view or comment on them.This section includes the following Categories …

  • Bible : Images based on Bible verses.
  • Dale’s Images : Images created by Dale Joan Stoffel
  • WynneSpiration: Photo’s with verses and inspirational messages from Patrick Wynne
  • Other :  Other images that don’t fit the above categories.

If you would like to let us know about an image that fits one of these areas Contact Us.

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