Merry #CHRISTmas

We would like to take this moment in time to wish you all a Merry CHRISTmas

Remember it’s not just about a day or a month, but about putting Christ first in every moment of your life as the gift given to you at no cost for salvation from sin, a way of forgiveness from sin and a home in heaven!

Christmas at Castle Dewart

A band of merry thespians are preparing a Christmas celebration for thy King! The night will be filled with music and Scripture from the book of Luke – as long as Sir Reginald can avoid interference by the Court Jester and his apprentice, who can be quite troublesome! Sir Reginald dost has his hands full as another mystery is also afoot – the King’s crown has gone missing!

Have you reserved your table? 'Christmas at Castle Dewart' begins December 2nd and continues on the 3rd, 9th and 10th at 7PM with matinee on December 4th at 2PM. Adults $20 and children ages 5 - 12 are $12.  Call 574-834-4193.

Have you reserved your table?
‘Christmas at Castle Dewart’ begins December 2nd and continues on the 3rd, 9th and 10th at 7PM with matinee on December 4th at 2PM.
Adults $20 and children ages 5 – 12 are $12.
Call 574-834-4193.

Thou may makest thine reservations for this wonderful occasion by choosing from five different performance dates:
[$20.00 adults & $12.00 ages 5 – 12 show/meal]

Friday, December 2 at 7 P.M.
Saturday, December 3 at P.M.
Sunday, December 4 at 2 P.M.
Friday, December 9 at 7 P.M.
Saturday, December 10 at 7 P.M.

Call Quaker Haven Camp at 574-834-4193 to reserve thy table and ask for additional information. Quaker Haven is located at the corner of CR 900 N 500 E at the south edge of Syracuse. Come one and come all from the far provinces to celebrate the birth of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ!


Christmas Day

Where is the Christ Child, born on this Day?
Does He still lay, ‘asleep in the hay’?
Or is He alive and real in our heart?
Did we say, “Come in”? Did we do our part?

Christmas remembers the sacred One’s birth.
It should also remember His time here on earth,
How He walked, and He talked and He lived with us all,
He did not remain, just ‘the babe in the stall’.

He grew straight and tall as He lived in God’s way,
He walked out God’s love, as He lived day by day,
He laughed and He cried, He taught and He healed,
And then on the Cross, our future He sealed.

He went to that Cross as the purest of pure,
So of our redemption, we all can be sure,
For He paid the price that none other could pay,
The Cross is the reason we have Christmas Day.

Since the snake in the garden, tricked Adam and Eve,
And caused them to question what God said, “Believe”,
Man from his God had moved further away,
Had his ear more attuned to what satan would say.

The chasm of sin betwixt God and man,
Had grown so wide that we could not span
The distance between, but God had a plan,
A bridge to rejoin Holy God and flawed man.

His plan was His Son, whom He gave us for free,
To show us God’s love, in a way we could see,
The Cross forms the bridge and His Blood seals it tight,
And He says all that choose may cross into His light.

So celebrate gladly, this time of the year,
For Jesus has triumphed and death has no fear,
God knew from the outset, this price He would pay,
And planned al along for that first Christmas Day.

© Ailsa Yates 4/12/2013

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