When East Met West

East is east, and west is west,
And never the twain shall meet; – they say,
But east met west, and west met east,
In Christ; upon that day.

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The thunder roared, the lightening cracked,
And the curtain split in two;
As Christ was slain upon that Cross;
Sacrificed for me and you.

He gave His life, He gave His all,
When slain upon that tree,
He let His blood and love flow down,
As He died for you and me.

And the angels wept, and the sky grew dark,
As the curtain split down from the rod,
And the Roman soldier stood in awe, and said;
”Truly; this was the Son of God.”

So what do you say when you look on the Cross
Upon which your Saviour died?
Do you dare to stand up and say “Thank You, Lord”,
Or will Jesus once more be denied?

For He is your Saviour, whatever you think,
He died on that Cross, just for you,
But He left you free to make that choice,
To decide what you want to do.

You can take this gift, which He’s given with joy,
And thank God every day you’re alive,
Or decide you’d rather ‘just go it alone’,
And depend on yourself to survive.

You may say that a Christian’s just using a crutch,
Or deceiving themselves in a lie,
But I’d rather be leaning on Jesus, my Lord,
Than struggling alone till I die.

He’s offering peace, and He’s offering hope,
And a joy that wells up from within,
He offers us healing, He offers us love,
And the Father’s forgiveness from sin.

It’s never too late and it’s never too soon,
To reach out and grasp what He’ll give,
Just open your heart and invite Him right in,
And see how He’ll help you to live.

He’ll give you His strength, to walk through each day,
He’ll share in your burdens and care,
And when the accuser points right in your face,
You’ll find Jesus, your Lawyer, is there.

He’ll say, “Father, I hear that this soul’s been accused,
And maybe those things said are true,
But already I’ve been there, and I’ve paid the price,
And I’ve claimed this soul, just for You.”

But He cannot claim that, if you’re not His own,
If you’ve never given Him the right,
If He’s not your Saviour, if you’ve not asked Him in,
Then for you He cannot take the fight.

So think of those things that this ‘Man’ Jesus did,
As He hung on that Cross long ago,
And ask Him to come, with His hope, to your heart,
And to more of His nature, you show.

And ask of His Spirit, to teach you the way,
To make Him your Saviour and Lord,
To guide you, to teach you, to open your eyes,
To the truth and the life in His Word.

Your heart it will soften, and learn to believe,
Till your mouth will declare Him to be,
Your Lord and your Saviour, your Father, your God,
And your soul be forever set free.

© Ailsa Yates (5-5.30am) 6/4/07 (Good Friday morning)

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The Death, Burial and Resurrection of Jesus in the Bible.

The BEST place First Of All to learn about the Death, Burial and Resurrection of Jesus is the Bible so here are links to where you can read about it …
Don’t have a Bible? You can search the Bible online HERE or purchase one > Buy The Book Now at The Book Depository, Free Delivery World Wide

* Prelude to ‘Easter’ – Last Supper and Betrayal
Matthew 26:1-75, Mark 14:1-72, Luke 22:1-71

* Jesus’ final moments on earth.
John 13:1-38 – Jesus washes the disciples feet and identifies his betrayer.
John 14:1-31 – The promise of the coming Holy Spirit.
John 15:1-27 – The vine & branches speech.
John 16:1-33 – The end of parables and what the future holds.
John 17:1-26 – Jesus prays for his disciples and for us.
John 18:1-40 – The betrayal of Jesus.

* Trial, Crucifixion, Death and Burial Before Easter
Matthew 27:1-66, Mark 15:1-47, Luke 23:1-56, John 19:1-42

* Resurrection – Easter Morning
Matthew 28:1-20Mark 16:1-20Luke 24:1-53, John 20:1-31 – Jesus’ first appearance Easter morning.
John 21:1-25 – Jesus’ final appearance.

* OT prophecy of Jesus’ suffering.
Psalm 41:9, Psalm 109:7-8, Zechariah 11:12-13 – Judas and the betrayal of Jesus.
Psalm 27:12, Psalm 69:4, Isaiah 50:6; 53:7 – Trial and suffering of Jesus.
Psalm 16:10; 22:1-31; 34:20; 68:18; 69:21; 109:4, Isaiah 53:9-12, Zechariah 12:10 – Crucifixion and resurrection on Easter morning.

The wounds of Christ

Rivers of mercy, poured on a hurting world,
Flowed from His riven side,
The gaping wound that drained His life,
Gives us a place to hide.

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I hide within the cleaven Rock,
Who gave His life for me;
As each one takes that for themselves,
The more His love we’ll see.

The hands that bore those cruel spikes,
Reached out to all who strayed;
The debts we gain, with our daily sin;
He has already paid.

The feet they pierced, to keep Him still,
Still walk throughout the land,
For where man goes to show God’s love,
Our Lord, with him, will stand.

Man cannot stay those restless feet,
Nor still the hands of love,
While still the faithful turn to Him,
And heed the Lord above.

His sacred brow, it wore a crown,
Of royalty and pain,
He wore it that His people might,
Their link with God regain.

The wounds of Christ were cruel,
Yet we inflict them still,
Each time we turn aside from Him,
And choose to do our will.

The wounds of Christ were chosen,
By His obedient heart,
He saw the Father’s love for us,
And chose to do His part.

The wounds of Christ can bless us,
If we choose to see His care;
Come lay our lives before His Cross;
And chose to leave them there.

The wounds of Christ can heal us,
From every form of ill,
If we allow His Spirit,
Our lives to cleanse and fill.

The wounds of Christ would never,
Be wasted nor in vain,
If yours were the only spirit,
To rejoin with God again.

© Ailsa Yates  Jan-Feb 01

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Upon the cross they laid You down,
Upon Your head they placed a crown.
They nailed You to that awful tree,
Yet when they did, it was for me.
Your back was beaten, bruised and sore,
The human You could take no more.
But as You lay upon that tree,
Your Spirit says You thought of me.
I hear the nails they hammered through,
My God, the pain I’ve caused for You.
And now You cause my eyes to see,
You did it all, in love, for me.
The soldier’s spear, it pierced Your side,
For me You truly lived, and died.
What more could any lover give?
You died, and rose, that I might live.
For me You suffered all that pain,
That I might Adam’s state regain,
Become again God’s favoured child,
As when on Adam He first smiled.
How can such love I understand,
Although Your Spirit holds my hand.
He teaches me to seek Your way,
And walk along it day by day.
I may not have the voice to sing,
And make the halls of heaven ring.
But I can sing within my heart,
My Lord, my God, how great Thou art.
© Ailsa Yates 7/4/96

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The Cross – Irene McGough Testimony

A testimony in Poem format

It was at the cross I found Him,
My Lord, my Saviour and my King,
It was love for me and you that took him there,
God’s Son whipped and beaten; stripped almost bare.

Compassion for us in every drop of blood,
Only one who was without sin could pay the price,
So he hung there as sin’s sacrifice,
His blood for our sins cleanses like a flood.

There was a day when I had to see myself a sinner,
I had to repent of my sins and forgiveness receive,
This Jesus who died rose again and I’m a believer,
And He said to me be a good news bringer.

He forgave me of all of my sins,
A free gift of mercy and grace,
Offered indeed for the whole human race,
Come to Him today and a new life begin.

For He offers to you eternal life,
So my friend, please take heed,
Of this precious gospel seed,
In the beginning He was the one who breathed life.

He has a wonderful plan and purpose for you,
There is such joy and happiness ahead of you,
Just ask Him today to be your Saviour and Lord,
He wants you to be with His Father reconciled.

Come to Jesus today.

IreneMcGough ©2010