Love is a gift from heaven,
Sent from the Lord above.
Love is the Holy Spirit,
Fluttering gently as a dove.

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Love is a gift from heaven,
Lifting us from the mire.
Love is the Holy Spirit,
Setting our hearts on fire.

Love is a gift from heaven,
For all mankind has sinned.
Love is the Holy Spirit,
A mighty rushing wind.

Love is a gift from heaven,
It’s something we all need.
Love is the Holy Spirit,
The Father’s lambs He’ll feed.

Love is a gift from heaven,
Sealed forever on Calvary.
Love is the Holy Spirit,
The best gift of all is free.

© Ailsa Yates 9/2/96

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Love is a passion,
Love is a fire,
Consuming all before it.

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Sin is consumed by fire,
Consumed by Love,
Love conquers all.

Love is truth, and peace and joy,
Love is stronger than sin or fear.
Love is God and God is love.

One God, One Truth, One Love,
Three parts to One God,
Three times the love.

One Love consuming all,
Infilling all
Who would share this Love.

© Ailsa Yates 30/1/96

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My God

My God is Light and Love and Truth,
My God is always there for me.
He fills my heart, my head with song,
And lives within me all day long.

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The Lord of heaven lives with me,
It’s hard to understand,
But when I put my trust in Him,
He gently takes my hand.

He’s there to guide, to prompt, to lead,
But never force my will.
If I can only trust in Him,
Till death, He’ll guide me still.

And when death’s door is opened wide,
I’ll meet Him on the other side.
My soul’s joy then will be complete,
My Lord, my Love and I will meet.

© Ailsa Yates 26/1/96

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The crowd had gathered at the hill,
The Lord above them stood.
And gazed around with sorrowing eyes,
To see whose love was good.

And one by one He called their name,
But none could pass the test.
Not one of them could truly say
They really loved the rest.

And you and I would surely fail
If we should face this call.
Our love could never be enough,
But Jesus loved for all.

And when before Him we must stand;
And dare to make our plea,
The only claim that each can make,
Is, “Jesus died for me.”

© Ailsa Yates 25/2/96

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No room at the inn they heard them say,
Did they turn discouraged and go away?
No, they found somewhere close beside to stay,
For God Himself had opened the way.

No room in my heart, He hears us say,
Does He turn disgusted and go away?
No, still close beside us He’ll quietly stay,
And wait for His Spirit to show us the Way.

In a wooden manger, His head was laid,
And all around beasts moo-ed and brayed,
And yet His parents were not dismayed,
The Peace of God kept them unafraid.

For us, on the Cross, Himself He laid,
The heavy cost of our sin He paid,
That none of us need be afraid,
To claim the love this act displayed.

The angels sang of Christmas joy,
Proclaimed the birth of this newborn Boy;
Even the stars did God employ,
As a sign for the faithful to enjoy.

If we would know this special joy,
We need the Man, who grew from the Boy,
To ask God to our hearts employ,
Rest in His love and Him enjoy.

© Ailsa Yates 15/12/96

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Upon the cross they laid You down,
Upon Your head they placed a crown.
They nailed You to that awful tree,
Yet when they did, it was for me.
Your back was beaten, bruised and sore,
The human You could take no more.
But as You lay upon that tree,
Your Spirit says You thought of me.
I hear the nails they hammered through,
My God, the pain I’ve caused for You.
And now You cause my eyes to see,
You did it all, in love, for me.
The soldier’s spear, it pierced Your side,
For me You truly lived, and died.
What more could any lover give?
You died, and rose, that I might live.
For me You suffered all that pain,
That I might Adam’s state regain,
Become again God’s favoured child,
As when on Adam He first smiled.
How can such love I understand,
Although Your Spirit holds my hand.
He teaches me to seek Your way,
And walk along it day by day.
I may not have the voice to sing,
And make the halls of heaven ring.
But I can sing within my heart,
My Lord, my God, how great Thou art.
© Ailsa Yates 7/4/96

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Oh my Lord, Your love overwhelms me,
My spirit soars in the sunshine of Your Love,
I bask like a seal in the sun,
In this love You pour out upon me.

My frailty causes me to fear its loss,
Yet You assure me this can never happen.
I cannot cause You to stop loving me,
Though I can cause You pain.

You are so much greater than my mind can comprehend,
So much more than my soul can contain.
I feel as though I have just begun to live
And yet, in my heart of hearts, I know You were always here.

How I longed in my youth to belong to You.
How I strived to hear the whisper of Your voice.
In my striving I failed to hear the gentle promise;
“You belong in My love, now and forever.”

Fear tempts me with the loss of Your love,
It tries me with my doubts and failings.
Your Advocate stands firm for me,
And hides me in His strength and glory.

Oh that those in pain could see this Love!
That the weary might know Your perfect rest.
I tentatively plant Your seeds,
And trust You for the germination.

You take my paltry human love,
And wed it with Your own.
You let me be Your hands and feet,
And bless me for the privilege.

Oh Lord, when I contemplate Your majesty,
And realise You care for me,
That You want to know my love,
My heart swells within me.

If I could sing, I would serenade You.
If compose, I would write great songs for You.
All I can give You is my love and every part of me,
These are Yours already, but You accept my gift –

And smile.

© Ailsa Yates 21/4/96

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